The University of Hong Kong Zhejiang Institute of Research and Innovation

Vision and Strategy


HKU-ZIRI will be our intellectual and physical hub distinguished by our approach of integrating Research, Innovation and Enterprise, and commitment to delivering impact nationally and globally.

Strategic Approaches

To achieve our vision, we plan on three major strategic research activities which are interdisciplinary in nature and interconnected in their mode of operation:

  1. HKU-PI driven innovation - basic and translational research initiated by HKU principal investigators, particularly explorations of major practical problems that are relevant to China, and alignment to strategic research areas identified by HKU such as Biomedicine, Clean Energy, New Materials, Environmental Protection and Frontier Technology.
  2. HKU-PI driven institution and enterprise collaborative research - the focus is on multi- disciplinary collaboration and joint labs, to bring research outcomes from laboratories to ‘near market’ through integration and interaction with relevant business endeavors via IP licensing, patents, spin off/startup, knowhow, and product commercialization.
  3. An Innovation Hub for regional institutions and enterprises - offers office and lab space with facilities to technology and innovation-based companies to create, innovate and grow. Our goal is not only to foster cross-institution collaboration and industry partnership, but also to enhance scientific research, cultivate high caliber talent, and stimulate the development of entrepreneurial, knowledge-based businesses.