Inaugural Symposium



2-1Transport phenomena is an engineering subject of studying processes in which mass, momentum, energy and entropy move about in matter, covering the four  branches of classical physics: mass transfer, fluid mechanics, heat transfer and engineering thermodynamics. The Laboratory for Nanofluids and Thermal Engineering aims for setting-up an open and inter-disciplinary research center on transport phenomena that unifies energy, nano-, bio- and information technology. The research focus is on the four key technologies: Structural-thermodynamic Design & Optimization (STDO), Nanofluids, Microfluidic Droplets and Nonlinear Computation (NC), the four frontier research fields in structure thermodynamics, micro-/nano-scale transport phenomena, bio-transport and multiplicity & stability in transport phenomena. They fit very well into the national 12th Five-Year Development Plans, as well, for fundamental, medical, new materials and nano researches, and thus key technologies vital for nurturing the national strategic high-tech industries.



All problems in the four technologies are nonlinear and multiscale in nature. The constructal design is a powerful tool not only for the optimization of nanofluids and thermodynamic structures, but also for optimization of microfluidic systems and information transfer & program structure in NC. Applied to energy systems, the STDO and nanofluids aim to upgrade the efficiency via improving the system structure and the working fluid respectively; an optimal upgrade of efficiency relies heavily on coordination of the both. The microfluidic technology plays a central role both in the synthesis of high-quality nanofluids and in the development of highly-effective drug delivery systems. The specially-designed nanofluid itself can serve as the smart system for drug-delivery. The development of nonlinear computation would offer as well effective tools for addressing various nonlinear issues in the other three technologies. Therefore, a simultaneous study of all four technologies will enable a highly-effective synergy among them, and thus advance each technology for the breakthrough in theory & software of structural thermodynamic analysis & constructal design, design & production of functionalized & smart nanofluids, drug delivery with microfluidic droplets, and effective schemes & program package of capturing multiple states and examining their stability.