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Postdoctoral Fellows / PhD students/ Junior Research Assistants(AFM, Prof. Zhengxiao Guo’s Team)
Please send your resume to Telephone:(86) 571 5861 2925
Please send your resume to Telephone:(86) 571 5861 2925

Team Introduction

The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and HKU’s Zhejiang Institute of Research and Innovation (HKU-ZIRI) are committed to building strong first-class interdisciplinary teams; creating an open research ecosystem for solving challenging problems; fostering an international innovation platform integrating resources. Through accelerating the translation and transformation of research findings, HKU-ZIRI aims to enhance the quality of living, and create the environment for sustainable development.

AFM Team bases on integrated research methods like multiscale simulations, intelligent data analysis and predictive design preparation, to research on the basis and application of advanced multifunctional materials. Fields includes Thermo- / Electro- / Photo- chemical mechanisms and processes, Electro-chemical energy conversion and storage, gas sorption, purification and storage, Metal-Air batteries and biological/hydrogen fuel cells. The principal investigator, Prof. Zhengxiao Guo, has been engaged in the interdisciplinary study of materials chemistry, physics and applied technology for many years, with rich management experience and scientific research ability. He was awarded the Beilby Medal and Prize by the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Chemical Industry Associate and the Institute of Materials. He has been the Pro-(Vice) Provost for University College London (the top 10 universities in the world), oversaw UCL’s specific interactions with the great China region (the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau). Working closely with the UK and other EU/international partners of high academic standing, he has led or participated in more than 10 large EU/UK national innovation research teams. In the past decade, Prof. Guo has received a total research funding more than 70 million pounds, and had been the largest recipient of research funding in the Department of Chemistry at University College London for many years. More than 300 SCI papers have been published on journals like Nature Energy, Nature Communications, Energy & Environmental Science, Progress of Materials Science, Chem. Soc. Review, Advanced Materials, Advanced Energy Materials, Phys Review Letters, Nano Letters, ACS Nano and others. A variety of new functional materials and preparation methods have been developed to provide low-cost and efficient solutions for clean energy, especially in the areas of energy collection, storage, carbon dioxide capture, ion batteries and fuel cells (including biofuel cells).

Due to the development needs of the subject, researchers with chemical, physical, material, electronic and energy backgrounds are sincerely invited to carry out the following research:

(1) design and preparation of multi-functional low-dimensional material structure

(2) high-performance electrochemical system - "Metal-Air" battery

(3) hydrogen energy materials and devices

(4) multi-functional sensing materials and devices

(5) multiscale simulation

(6) material information intelligence

For the development needs of the team, we are looking for a number of outstanding researchers, postdoctoral fellows and assistant researchers, the quota is unlimited, long-term effective, and outstanding talents at all levels are sincerely invited at home and abroad to join us!


1. Have or will soon graduate from famous universities at home or abroad, with doctor's degree in chemistry, physics, materials, optoelectronics, computing or related majors;

2. Strong English expression and writing skills;

3. Good research ability in research fields related to the subject;

4. Have a strong sense of independent innovation and independent thinking ability, strong understanding ability, practical ability, strong execution ability, positive and optimistic, dare to think and do, can spontaneously and actively promote work, coordinate resources, and complete work objectives with high quality and efficiency.


1. Develop research plans with the leader, carry out research independently and publish high-level academic papers;

2. Assist with the research group in applying for funds, apply for scientific research projects and subjects in the post-doctoral science foundation and NSFC, etc.;

3. Assist the leader with the research group to guide doctoral students, master students and undergraduates;

4. Assist the construction and management of the research group.


Offers a wide range of compensation and career development opportunities based on education, experience, achievements and potential.

Those who have excellent performance and want to go abroad for further study will be recommended to famous European and American scientific research groups.

Overseas doctors can apply for the relevant talents program in Hangzhou.

Apple Methods

Please send your resume, papers and awards in a compressed package to

Please name the subject entitled "AFM 2020- applicant name"

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