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Professor Zheng Xiao GUO elected Member of Academia Europaea

The Academia Europaea Board of Trustees has announced newly elected members in 2020. Prof. Zheng Xiao Guo has been invited to join the Academy. President Sierd Cloetingh sent his personal congratulations.


Prof. Zheng Xiao Guo is a Professor of Chemistry & Engineering; Executive Director of HKU Zhejiang Institute of Research and Innovation; Deputy Dean of Global of Faculty of Science, The University of Hong Kong; an Honorary Professor of University College London. He was the “Focal-Point” for UK-China collaborations in Nano & Materials Science (2009-12) / UK BIS and the Foreign Commonwealth Office. He was the UK Lead, a Theme Leader and an Executive Committee member of the EU “Advanced Materials and Processes for Energy Applications” (AMPEA) consortium / EU Energy Research Alliance (2012-18), and a Board (2013-15) and Council Member (2011-16) of the EU University Centre at Peking University. He acted as an Overseas Expert Referees and/or Panel Members to: EU FP /H2020 programmes, Canadian RC, RCUK, NSFC, HK_RGC, Qatar RF, RSC Publishing Board/Science Sub-Board, Bureau of Overseas Chinese of the State Council (2010-) and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


The role of Materials Chemistry is becoming increasingly important in societal advancement. Whether it is for efficient solar energy harvesting to electricity and fuels, production of safe and powerful batteries, biosensing for health monitoring or detection of pathogens, or smartening-up of interconnectedness of things, tremendous effort has to be made to understand and tune the molecular interactions and stimulant responses of materials from electronic dynamics, atomic environment, crystallinity, intrinsic defects and interfaces cross multiple spatial, temporal and frequency scales. “This is not a trivial challenge! We need to integrate the state-of-the-art methodologies in theory, simulations, deep-learning and experiment, and more importantly, the efforts of many excellent minds. I hope to play a small part in this endeavour through this great academic fellowship, adding value to the leading science base at HKU and linking more closely with colleagues across Europe and beyond!” Professor Guo envisioned. Dean of Science Professor Matthew Evans is exceptionally pleased with Professor Guo’s accomplishments. “I am delighted to see the recognition being given to Professor Guo by his election to the Academia Europaea – the Europe-wide academy covering the humanities, social sciences and sciences. Professor Guo’s research makes important contributions in both fundamental and applied materials chemistry,” remarked Professor Evans. “This recognition is extremely well deserved and I congratulate Professor Guo on his achievement.” He added.


Professor Guo’s research is strategically targeted at critical fundamental materials structural issues and synthesis processes that underpin mechanistic understanding and technological advancement, particularly in clean energy storage, conversion and harvesting, involving low-dimensional, high-surface area and/or porous structures. He has strongly contributed to the discovery, atomic doping and structural modifications of molecules, clusters, covalent organic frameworks (COFs), metal organic frameworks (MOFs), 2D structures / graphene (G), metal/ceramic nanostructures, and structural alloys and composites. He is one of the few who has ventured into multiscale materials science and engineering issues across several orders of magnitude in special, temporal and frequency scales. He has authored and co-authored around 300 high-quality journal publications and over 300 conference papers/presentations (> 100 Keynotes/Invited). His quality outputs have appeared in Nature Energy, Nature Communications, Energy & Environmental Science, Advanced (Energy/Functional) Materials, Phys. Rev. Lett., Nano Letters, Angewandte Chemie Inter Ed, Chemical Science, ACS Catalysis, ACS Nano, Energy Storage Materials, and invited reviews in Progress in Materials Science and Chem Soc Reviews. Among various recognitions, he has been awarded the Beilby Medal and Prize from the Society of Chemical Industry, The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Institute of Metals, Materials & Minerals; Lee-Hsun Lecture Award from the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences;Sir YK Pao Lecturing Professorship, Zhejiang University, etc..


The Academia Europaea (formed in 1988) is the pan-European academy of science, humanities and letters, with a membership of over 4000 eminent scholars, drawn from all countries of Europe, and all disciplines, nationalities and geographical locations. The members are scientists and scholars who collectively aim to promote learning, education and research. Founded in 1988, with about 3800 members which includes leading experts from the physical sciences and technology, biological sciences and medicine, mathematics, the letters and humanities, social and cognitive sciences, economics and the law. The object of Academia Europaea is the advancement and propagation of excellence in scholarship in the humanities, law, the economic, social, and political sciences, mathematics, medicine, and all branches of natural and technological sciences anywhere in the world for the public benefit and for the advancement of the education of the public of all ages in the aforesaid subjects in Europe.

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